Roosevelt Lakers
2014-15 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
93:30PMMen's Soccer @ Oakton CC
95:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Oakton CC
164:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Lawrence Technological University
197:00PMMen's Soccer @ Benedictine University - Lisle
222:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. Rochester College
2310:00AMMen's Tennis @ TBA
 Marian University Invitational
2310:00AMWomen's Tennis @ TBA
 Marian University Doubles Invitational
235:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Spring Arbor University
2411:00AMWomen's Soccer @ Mount Mercy University
267:00PMVolleyball @ Goshen College
273:30PMWomen's Tennis @ Moraine Valley CC
292:00PMVolleyball @ Siena Heights University
 Saint Xavier Crossover
294:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Judson College
296:00PMVolleyball @ Mount Mercy University
 Saint Xavier Crossover
3010:00AMVolleyball @ William Penn University
 Saint Xavier Crossover
302:00PMMen's Soccer @ Aquinas College
302:00PMVolleyball @ Cornerstone University
 Saint Xavier Crossover
305:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Viterbo University
512:00PMVolleyball @ Northwood University
 Northwood Tournament
54:00PMVolleyball @ Saint Thomas University
 Northwood Tournament
610:00AMVolleyball @ Southern Wesleyan University
 Northwood Tournament
612:00PMVolleyball @ Florida College
 Northwood Tournament
61:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Clarke University
62:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Clarke University
65:45PMMen's Cross CountrySt. Joseph Crimson Wave Invitational
65:45PMWomen's Cross CountrySt. Joseph Crimson Wave Invitational
710:00AMWomen's Tennis @ Alverno College
72:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Milwaukee School of Engineering
97:00PMVolleyball @ Saint Xavier University
104:00PMMen's Soccer @ Moody Bible Institute
11 Men's Golf @ Holy Cross College
 Battle at Blackthorn
12 Men's Golf @ Holy Cross College
 Battle at Blackthorn
122:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Marygrove College
124:15PMMen's Cross CountryOlivet Nazarene Illinois Intercollegiate
124:15PMWomen's Cross CountryOlivet Nazarene Illinois Intercollegiate
126:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Goshen College
13 Men's Golf @ Holy Cross College
 Battle at Blackthorn
1311:00AMMen's Tennis @ Purdue University Calumet
14 Men's Golf @ Cardinal Stritch University
 Deer Park Classic
15 Men's Golf @ Cardinal Stritch University
 Deer Park Classic
16 Men's Golf @ Cardinal Stritch University
 Deer Park Classic
167:00PMVolleyball vs. Judson College
173:30PMWomen's Tennis @ North Park University
192:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Andrews University
2011:00AMVolleyball @ Asbury University
 Huntington Tri-Match
201:00PMVolleyball @ Huntington University
 Huntington Tri-Match
219:00AMMen's Tennis @ Grand View University
234:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Cardinal Stritch University
237:00PMVolleyball vs. Trinity International University
244:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Cardinal Stritch University
244:00PMMen's Tennis @ Lawrence Technological University
25 Men's Golf @ Trinity Christian College
 Trolls Classic
262:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Rochester College
264:00PMMen's Cross CountryCollege of DuPage Invitational
264:00PMWomen's Cross CountryCollege of DuPage Invitational
2711:00AMMen's Soccer vs. Grace Bible College
2711:00AMVolleyball @ Indiana University Northwest
 Indiana-Northwest Tri-Match
271:00PMVolleyball @ Kuyper College
 Indiana-Northwest Tri-Match
272:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Grace Bible College
2810:00AMWomen's Tennis @ Marian University
307:00PMVolleyball @ Cardinal Stritch University
33:00PMVolleyball @ Purdue University Calumet
 CCAC Crossover
35:00PMVolleyball @ Trinity Christian College
 CCAC Crossover
410:00AMWomen's Tennis @ Dominican University
411:00AMWomen's Soccer vs. Trinity Christian College
412:00PMVolleyball @ Olivet Nazarene University
 CCAC Crossover
42:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Trinity Christian College
42:00PMMen's Tennis @ Dominican University
44:00PMVolleyball @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
 CCAC Crossover
5 Men's Golf @ Cardinal Stritch University
 Wolf Pack Invitational
511:00AMWomen's Tennis vs. Mount Mary College
6 Men's Golf @ Cardinal Stritch University
 Wolf Pack Invitational
7 Men's Golf @ Cardinal Stritch University
 Wolf Pack Invitational
74:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Robert Morris College
77:00PMVolleyball vs. Robert Morris College
84:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Robert Morris College
104:00PMVolleyball @ Huntington University
 St. Francis Tournament
106:00PMVolleyball @ Graceland University
 St. Francis Tournament
11 Women's Tennis vs. Saint Ambrose University
1110:30AMMen's Cross CountrySt. Ambrose Fighting Bee Invitational
1110:30AMWomen's Cross CountrySt. Ambrose Fighting Bee Invitational
1111:00AMVolleyball @ Missouri Valley College
 St. Francis Tournament
1112:00PMWomen's Soccer @ University of Saint Francis
111:00PMVolleyball @ Marian University
 St. Francis Tournament
112:30PMMen's Soccer @ University of Saint Francis
12 Men's Golf @ Saint Ambrose University
 NAIA Midwest Championship
1210:00AMWomen's Tennis @ North Central College
13 Men's Golf @ Saint Ambrose University
 NAIA Midwest Championship
14 Men's Golf @ Saint Ambrose University
 NAIA Midwest Championship
144:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Judson College
147:00PMVolleyball vs. Saint Xavier University
154:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Judson College
173:00PMVolleyball @ Indiana University Kokomo
 CCSJ Tournament
177:00PMVolleyball @ Cincinnati Christian University
 CCSJ Tournament
189:00AMVolleyball @ Purdue University-North Central
 CCSJ Tournament
1811:30AMMen's Soccer @ Holy Cross College
181:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Macomb CC
181:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Holy Cross College
183:00PMVolleyball @ Tennessee Wesleyan
 CCSJ Tournament
214:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Purdue University Calumet
217:00PMVolleyball @ Judson College
224:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Purdue University Calumet
244:00PMVolleyball vs. University of Saint Francis
 CCAC Crossover
2510:00AMVolleyball vs. Purdue University-North Central
 CCAC Crossover
2511:00AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Great Lakes Invitational hosted by Aquinas College (Mich.)
2511:00AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Great Lakes Invitational hosted by Aquinas College (Mich.)
2512:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Trinity International University
252:00PMMen's Soccer @ Trinity International University
252:00PMVolleyball vs. Indiana University-South Bend
 CCAC Crossover
286:00PMMen's Soccer @ Olivet Nazarene University
287:00PMVolleyball @ Trinity International University
295:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Olivet Nazarene University
111:00AMWomen's Soccer vs. Saint Xavier University
11:00PMWomen's Basketball @ North Park University
12:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Saint Xavier University
13:00PMMen's Basketball @ Indiana University Northwest
47:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
47:00PMVolleyball vs. Cardinal Stritch University
55:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Michigan-Dearborn
57:00PMMen's Soccer @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
57:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Benedictine University
67:00PMVolleyball @ Robert Morris College
811:00AMMen's Cross CountryCCAC Championships hosted by Judson University
811:00AMWomen's Cross CountryCCAC Championships hosted by Judson University
81:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Indiana University East
83:00PMMen's Basketball @ Northern Illinois
113:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Saint Francis
126:00PMMen's Basketball @ Indiana Institute of Technology
151:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Taylor University
177:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Siena Heights University
195:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Trinity International University
197:30PMMen's Basketball @ Trinity International University
215:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Grand View University
 Northwestern College Classic
2211:00AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Cross Country National Championships
2211:00AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Cross Country National Championships
224:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Northwestern College
 Northwestern College Classic
227:00PMMen's Basketball @ Concordia Illinois
255:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Trinity Christian College
257:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Trinity Christian College
37:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Saint Xavier University
37:30PMMen's Basketball @ Saint Ambrose University
61:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Wheaton College
73:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Illinois Institute of Technology
131:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Cardinal Stritch University
133:00PMMen's Basketball @ Cardinal Stritch University
165:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Judson College
167:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Judson College
187:00PMMen's Basketball @ Saint Xavier University
194:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Columbia College
 Roosevelt Holiday Hoops Tournament
196:00PMWomen's Basketball @ University of Saint Francis
 Roosevelt Holiday Hoops Tournament
201:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Roosevelt University
 Roosevelt Holiday Hoops Tournament
203:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Roosevelt University
 Roosevelt Holiday Hoops Tournament
206:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Maranatha Baptist Bible College
297:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Marygrove College
 Davenport Classic
304:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Davenport University
 Davenport Classic
307:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene University
31:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Grand View University
33:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Ashford University
75:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Robert Morris College
77:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Robert Morris College
101:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Saint Francis
103:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of Saint Francis
145:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Purdue University Calumet
147:00PMMen's Basketball @ Purdue University Calumet
171:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Holy Cross College
173:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Holy Cross College
214:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Indiana University-South Bend
216:30PMMen's Basketball @ Indiana University-South Bend
241:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Olivet Nazarene University
243:00PMMen's Basketball @ Olivet Nazarene University
287:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Purdue University-North Central
311:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Trinity International University
313:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Trinity International University
45:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Trinity Christian College
47:30PMMen's Basketball @ Trinity Christian College
71:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
73:00PMMen's Basketball @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
115:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Cardinal Stritch University
117:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Cardinal Stritch University
139:00AMMen's Tennis @ Chicago State University
1412:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Chicago State University
141:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Judson College
143:00PMMen's Basketball @ Judson College
185:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Saint Xavier University
187:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Saint Xavier University
211:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Robert Morris College
213:00PMMen's Basketball @ Robert Morris College
9 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
9 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
10 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
10 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
11 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
11 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
12 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
12 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
13 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
13 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
14 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
14 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 2015 PTR Spring TennisFest
2112:00PMMen's Tennis @ Cornell College
213:00PMMen's Tennis @ Saint Ambrose University
28 Men's Tennis @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
28 Women's Tennis @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
31 Women's Tennis vs. University of Saint Francis
1 Men's Tennis vs. University of Saint Francis
4 Men's Tennis vs. Cardinal Stritch University
4 Women's Tennis vs. Cardinal Stritch University
8 Women's Tennis vs. Robert Morris College
11 Men's Tennis @ Purdue University Calumet
11 Women's Tennis @ Purdue University Calumet
14 Women's Tennis @ Olivet Nazarene University
15 Men's Tennis @ Olivet Nazarene University
164:00PMMen's Tennis @ Aurora University
18 Men's Tennis vs. Judson College
18 Women's Tennis vs. Judson College